Financial support: tax analysis, accounting, monthly declarations, details of financial activities

Trust us to take care of your finances within your business!

We will conduct a tax analysis to begin, consult, start accounting, tell you about paying taxes, take care of submitting monthly declarations to the Revenue Service and inform you about all transactions.
We can keep accounting for you, both operational and financial activities.

When maintaining records for your company, we rely on international standards, it is important for us that your documents are properly filled out and executed. Each country has its own peculiarities of local legislation, so the entire document flow will be carried out taking into account the peculiarities of Georgian legislation.
  • Let's create the necessary primary documents and registers that are required.
  • There are a number of mandatory financial statements and we will prepare them for your company. In preparation, we will rely on the tax code of Georgia.
  • When you need to decide the process of making bank transfers in the required currency, we will accompany you here at all stages.
  • We quickly respond to economic and legislative changes in the country.
We will open and maintain a bank account in Georgia and abroad.

We collect and fill out documents for opening an account. We will monitor operations, promptly respond to bank requests, regulate and resolve issues with delays in payments. If you need to reissue an account, we will request the necessary documents when required. We will also monitor bank rates that are beneficial for business in order to timely switch to a more profitable one for your company.
We will provide tax declarations and other documents to the state bodies of Georgia.

Interaction with government agencies requires a certain care and meticulousness in terms of documents, compliance with deadlines for submission, and much more. We are ready to take care of all the concerns and communication with government officials on finance and taxes.
At consulting services on financial and tax issues, we will provide up-to-date information in accordance with the legislation of Georgia on your issue.

You can sign up for a consultation on any issues related to financial support. We will make an initial tax analysis and sort it out on the shelves, what and where you can increase, tell you what taxes you need to pay, why and when, why they submit declarations every month, how to fill them out, frequent mistakes, etc. We can additionally advise if you have doubts about communication with any authority in Georgia regarding financial and tax issues.

For example, tax analysis will help identify your financial obligations to the bank, partners, staff, etc.


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