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Remote service
Registration of a legal entity in 2 days
No double taxation with 56 countries
Minimum share capital - 0
No cliché "offshore"
Free trade agreements with 45 countries
Labartkava Consulting Group
3 years on the market
Staff of 5 specialists
We registered > 60 companies *
We provided services to > 100 clients *
100% money back if we don't solve your problem *
* Not even once usable
Наша команда небольшая, но эффективная.

Каждый из нас несет в себе опыт предпринимателя, общественного служащего и руководителя в банковской, государственной и производственной отраслях.

Мы знаем с какими проблемами сталкиваются компании и знаем как их решают с другой стороны.

Побывав с двух сторон медали, мы решили стать золотой серединой и оказывать помощь при открытии и ведении бизнеса в Грузии.
Все задачи выполняются руками и головами людей, которые горят этим делом.

Сторонних специалистов не привлекаем, чтобы всегда быть в центре событий лично.

Каждый из нас знает свои обязанности, поэтому такое четкое распределение обязанностей позволяет выполнять 99% задач раньше сроков.
Levan Labartkava
99% of satisfied customers *
* - 1 client called when the phone battery of the manager was running out of power
The client was not happy. The phone battery will never run out again.
* - Companies and organizations mean different forms of ownership - LLC. SP.
We support for > 20 business organizations *
You might be interested in the following services
Financial support
Learning the law of a foreign country takes time. We will ease this burden for you:

• Registration of legal documents
Protection of interests within the framework of the law
Elimination of errors in documents
Control of legal changes in the country
Supervision and avoidance of fines within the framework of the law
Working with state institutions of Georgia directly
Business registration
The procedure takes 2 days and includes the following services:

• Charter in three languages
• Permanent legal address
• Registration with the tax office
• Translation of documentation into Georgian and notary services

We solve possible related issues.
Legal Services
Regulation of funds within the framework of Georgian legislation

Finances services based on general primary documentation, contracts and other sources of company data.
Opening bank accounts for you and your company in Georgia and abroad
Working with state institutions of Georgia directly
Control of economic changes in the country
Monthly submission of a declaration to the tax office
from 600€
from 100€
from 100€

My name is Levan.

I am the founder of Labartkava Consulting Group, your personal manager, consultant and business specialist all in one.

I am personally engaged in business and negotiations.

This way I stay at the center of the company's events and make a positive contribution to my clients.
Our entire team is structured in a similar way.
Each of us carries the experience of an entrepreneur, public servant or leader in the banking, government and manufacturing industries.
We know what problems companies face and we know how to solve them from the other side.
Each specialist has his own area of responsibility, based on experience and achievements.
Actual knowledge of business and a clear distribution of responsibilities allows us to perform 98% of tasks ahead of schedule.
Levan Labartkava
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Labartkava Consulting Group
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